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Hey, I made Olaf. I know this isn’t a perfect Frozen Bento, but I am a real person and I am not creating bento for commercial purposes. I am creating bento for my dear daughter, and for hobby and art purposes. Someday, I will be better than now. Have you seen my bento beginnings? Nevertheless, whatever you create for your child will always look amazing. So just keep on creating bento from your imagination. You’ll be better than yesterday everyday. Your snowman bento will eventually look more Olaf-y.

Frozen Bento Theme - Olaf

What’s in the Frozen Bento?

I don’t always use many vegetables, because my picky-eater is extremely picky. But I try to add bits and pieces whenever possible. So the use of vegetables and fruits may be different to different kids.

In the Bento are:

Hotdog Bento Tips

  • If you can find those hotdog decorators in your daiso stores or online, buy and use those. It makes bento life a whole lot easier.
  • Slice and decorate uncooked hotdogs. When you cook the hotdogs, they expand and form in shape.
  • Cook the hotdogs in boiling water instead of frying in a pan with oil.
Frozen Bento Theme - Olaf
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