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There is a recently constructed mall nearby our area, and a friend advised me that there is a store there that sells bento tools. I dropped by today and got these items from Daiso. I checked out right away after getting a few items, because if I didn’t, I could have purchased all of their products. Hahaha.

What’s in my bento shopping cart?

  • Tofu ripple cutter – I can also use this to slice rice blocks.
  • Hotdog and sausage decorators
  • Animal food picks
  • A new pair of tweezers to hold those tiny parts while decorating, and also to move things around without using fingers to touch the food
  • A new carving knife

Cute bento lunch boxes

I also saw some very cute bento lunch boxes! I want to buy the pig food container, but I am trying to keep myself under my budget. I will buy that next time. Maybe next week.

Prices of Bento Tools

Most Daiso products are priced at PhP88 and below, or about US$2.00. I bought the tofu knife at that price.

Daiso is on sale. The bento food picks, sausage decorators, carving knife and tweezers are priced at PhP188 for 3 items, so it is less than PhP63.00 each (about US$1.50).

You can also find many facebook online stores and website online stores selling these. If you are a seller, you can send me a message through my contact page, facebook page, twitter account or instagram, and I will blog about your online store.

If you also want to share where you buy your bento tools, you can comment below.

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