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  1. Buy cute food picks, rice shapers or cookie cutters – you can buy these online or from baking supplies stores, or japanese stores like Daiso.
  2. Prepare a sandwich, sliced fruits, or cooked rice and some viand.
  3. Use cookie cutters to cut the sandwich into shapes, and the rice shapers to form rice shapes.
  4. Stick food picks to fruit slices.
  5. Arrange the fruits, sandwich and rice in a food container or plate.
  6. Add some garnishing, if preferred.

The road to success begins on the first step. You have got to start somewhere. How to start bento creation? In starting with bento, the first one is what matters the most. Just like in any other hobby, sports, academic skills, or business building, you take the first step to get there. You have to, at least try.

The photos below are my very first bento creations. These photos were taken in August 2013 (for the rice and sandwiches) and September 2013 (for the heart-shaped egg).  In 2013, when my daughter was in second grade, I just needed to encourage my skinny, picky eater daughter to eat more. I also needed to find ways to introduce healthier foods to her without much pressure and struggle. I bought some rice shapers and cookie cutters and started shaping cooked rice and sandwiches.

How to Start Bento with Sunny Side Up Egg Shapers

How to start bento with Eggs
How to start bento – my first year humble beginnings.
How to start Bento with rice shapers and sandwich cutters
How to start Bento with rice shapers and sandwich cutters

Some friends say they do not have the talent or skill to create fun foods for their kids. But creating and decorating food, just like music and art talent, takes time, effort and patience. You do not become very good in a your chosen skill right away. I do not even consider myself as very talented in bento making. There are more people out there who are way better than you think I am. I just do this for fun (and hopefully for money someday, haha).

Some people learn quickly and hone their skills and talents faster, and some at a slower pace. Just be patient and spend more time. Practice helps you improve.

As of this blog, here is my latest bento creation – Jigglypuff Pokemon Bento. It is not perfect, but I really find it super cute!

Jigglypuff Pokemon Bento box Ideas
September 2016 – My third year of creating bento.

How to Start Bento with Food Picks

The easiest to do is to use cute food picks like the one below. You can stick the food picks to sliced fruits, veggies, hotdogs or sandwiches. You can also create your own food picks with plain toothpicks and animal or cartoon printouts.

So, my advice for you, dear readers, if you want to start creating cute food for your kids, buy one or two food shaper or cutter, and start shaping rice and sandwiches. It is so much fun!
Do not forget to share pictures of your bento creations to your friends and family. Or share it here. Everybody will appreciate, not just your children.

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