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HEY!!! I am so excited to share what came to my doorstep today. I ordered this very cute thermal and spill-proof food container from Japan. The brand is Delica. It is less costly than Thermos brand. I love, and I am a fan of Thermos Funtainers, but my daughter can’t find a funtainer design that she likes. So, when we saw this Frozen Themed food container, no second thoughts on ordering. Plus, this comes with a sfork, so it is ultimately convenient. The others do not come with spoon or fork or sfork. It also has a handle that makes it easier to carry along.


My daughter is requesting macaroni soup, warm noodles, or sinigang (a Filipino dish) for her lunch in school. I want to make sure that the food will never spill, and of course, will stay warm until lunch time. And my only daughter also deserves the cutest design of food container. When we saw this online, we ordered it right away.

Thermos Funtainers

We love Thermos funtainers and I have a small collection here.

It is not easy to find very good and cheap thermal food containers here in the Philippines. I saw some funtainers in nice designs sold in Mother Care store in SM The Block. If I had not ordered this last month (it took a month for my order to arrive here in Manila from Japan), I could have bought the Thermos Funtainer from Mother Care.

I bought this Delica Pot for only P1000. The Thermos Funtainer Spill-Proof food container or food jar costs P1500-P2000. If you buy it in states, it is cheaper, but you also have to consider shipping costs. You can check out the Bento Box Ideas Shop for other thermal food jars and containers.

My Delica Pot Thermal and Spill-Proof Frozen Food Jar


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