April 16, 2017 Mommy Tin 0Comment

Have you seen the black cat? Here it is!

Black cat bento

It is rice wrapped in a nori sheet. The eyes are made of candy. You can buy candy eyes from any cake making store. And I used carrots for the other details. 

It is not perfectly done, as you can see. I love it like that, because you can see that a real person made it. I am not very keen in perfecting the details of my bento creations. I find art in imperfection. So hey, if you did not make your arts and crafts perfectly as you imagined, don’t stress yourself about it. In many occasions, you don’t need to be perfect, especially in art. Bento is art. And they will get eaten anyway.

Feel free to share your bento blogs in the comment section below. I’d love to see it too. 

Mommy Tin

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